Hamilton Collections Research and Archives Fellowship

National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors — National Watch and Clock Museum, Columbia PA

In October 2018, I was presented with a unique fellowship opportunity to perform some research and archival work at the National Watch and Clock Museum in Columbia, Pennsylvania. Established in 1977 by the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC), the Museum and Research Center is dedicated to the study of horology, or the art, science, and history of timekeeping.

The focus of my work was to process a collection of records, and to photograph timepieces, produced by Hamilton Watch Company. Though I didn’t know anything about horology or Hamilton prior to my fellowship, I knew that people dedicated their lives or pasttime to studying those things, in the same way that I have always been devoted to the creation, research, and preservation of everything photographic. Part of my personal mission as an archivist is to connect people with materials that are interesting and important to them, and I was able to do just that.

You can read more about Hamilton’s history, the collections, and my experience in Keeping Time by Keeping Records (Watch & Clock Bulletin. March/April 2019. Volume 62, No. 408). Links below expand upon major subjects of the article. Except where noted: Images were produced or digitized by me. All items are property of the NAWCC Archives or are in the public domain. View the Finding Aid.